The official website features a total WAR by birthday. The top was born on August 31st.

With the help of Kenny Jakelen and others from the Baseball Reference, Sarah Langs, a reporter on the official Major League Baseball website, has published a feature article introducing the top 10 total WARs by birthday. In addition, from January 1st to December 31st, the major league official website has published a special article introducing “Top 5 players born on that day” for all birthdays, You can see the articles for each birthday by selecting the date from com / history / birthdays.

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August 31st (516.8 in total) was the top of all birthdays. Frank Robinson and Eddie Plank have recorded more than 90 WARs and have produced three Hall of Fame players, including Ray Dandridge, who was active in the Negro League. Hideo Nomo was also born on August 31st.

It was November 26th (514.4 in total) that came in second place by a small margin. Even Chuck Finley, who has the highest WAR, has not reached 60, but he has accumulated numbers by taking advantage of the thickness of the layer, such as having four people with 2000 hits or more. Hugh Duffy and Lefty Gomez are inducted into the Hall of Fame. Yoshitomo Tsutsugo was also born on November 26th.

3rd place is September 19th (490.5 in total). Joe Morgan, Duke Snider and two Hall of Fame players have been produced, and one-armed Jim Abbott and George Springer are also famous.

4th place is April 2 (486.1 in total). Luke Appling, Don Sutton, and Huge Jennings were inducted into the Hall of Fame, and former giant Reggie Smith, Japanese player Hisanori Takahashi, and active Austin Riley were also born on this day.

5th place is June 15th (480.4 in total). In addition to two Hall of Fame players, Wade Boggs and Billy Williams, he has produced Andy Pettitte, Dusty Baker, Tim Lincecum, Tony Clark and others.

6th place is January 5th (475.5 in total), 7th place is October 30th (458.6 in total), and 8th place is April 4th (454.9 in total). July 27 (446.7 total), which produced Alex Rodriguez and Max Scherzer, ranked 9th, and November 21 (442.2 total), which produced Stan Musial and Ken Griffey Jr., ranked 10th. ..