The official website features a surprising team record. The Padres’ most home runs are Colbert.

Most of the team records are occupied by well-known players. Hank Aaron for the Braves, Willie Mays for the Giants, Tom Seaver for the Mets, and so on. For example, no one would be in trouble if asked to win the Cardinals’ most winning pitcher (the correct answer is Bob Gibson). However, there are cases where an unexpected player has set a team record. Anthony Castro, a reporter on the official Major League Baseball website, has introduced such an “unexpected team record.”

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Reporter Castrobins selected Nate Colbert as the “most surprising team record”, which has the most home runs in the Padres (163). Phil Nevin was traded with seven more to line up with Colbert, Adrian Gonzalez with two more, and Dave Winfield left the team with nine more FAs. “It’s as if the Padres are trying to keep this record,” said Castrobins. By the way, if you apply Colbert’s record to the rankings of the other three teams that were born in 1969, the same as the Padres, you will be ranked 7th in the Royals and Expos and 10th in the Brewers.

Jim Slayton, who holds the record for the most wins in the Brewers (117 wins), has 121 losses, the most in the history of the team. Slayton is the only pitcher with the most wins in 30 teams, with Kuroboshi leading. In addition, Rickey Henderson recorded 42 athletics season’s most stolen base deaths in 1982. Henderson marked the highest season of 130 stolen bases this year, with a stolen base success rate of 75.6%, one of the lowest in his career. In addition, Jason Jennings and Ubaldo Jimenez have the most shutout records for the Rockies. It can be said that the record of only 3 shutouts and the largest number in the history of the baseball team is unique to the Rockies based in “Batter’s Heaven” Coors Field.