Romine retires from active duty; achieved 9 positions per game in September 2017

Andrew Romine, the final achiever of nine positions in a game, has announced on his Instagram that he will retire from active duty this season. Romine participated in the Twins game on September 30, 2017 with “7th left wing”, 2nd in the middle, 3rd in the right wing, 4th in the 3rd base, 5th in the game, 6th in the second base. In the 7th inning, he played with a catcher and 2nd base, and in the 8th inning, he defended a pitcher and 1st base. Also, when he pitched in the fielder in August this year, he realized a brother battery with his younger brother Austin.

Romine, now 35, said, “I was a boy with a dream. It was a dream of something great. I want to work harder, get better and compete with the best people in the world. I had a dream of becoming a part of history. When I put down my baseball equipment and looked back on my journey through the baseball, I could only think of the word “Thank you”. ” Instagram posts included words of gratitude to fans and teammates, opponents and trainers, directors and coaches, team staff, front offices, media, stadium staff, and family.

Romine made his major debut in the Angels in 2010, and has been active as a utility player in the Tigers for four years from 2014. After playing for the Mariners in 2018, he played for the Rangers last season and the Cubs this season, although he didn’t play in the majors in 2019. He has participated in 609 games in total in 11 major years, with 294 hits, batting average .233, 11 home runs, 86 RBIs, 40 stolen bases, and OPS.587. The name was firmly engraved in the history of majors.

In addition to Romine, only four people, Bert Campaneris in 1965, Cesar Tober in 1968, Scott Sheldon in 2000, and Shane Halter in 2000, achieved 9 positions in one game. In addition, his brother Battery, which he achieved in the match against Brewers in August this year, was the 16th major record in 59 years since the Sherry brothers in 1962.

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