Oliver Perez to retire only this season Play in Mexico this season

40-year-old veteran rescue left-handed Oliver Perez has announced that he will retire at the end of the Mexican League’s 2022 season. He used to be a starting pitcher for Pirates and Mets, but he was dismissed from Mets due to his breakdown and slump, and he thought about quitting baseball for a while. However, he revived as a relief pitcher and played an active part as a valuable southpaw while walking across multiple teams. He has been a major player for 19 years and he has pitched in 696 games in total. This is the second record for a Mexican pitcher after Joakim Soria (773 games).

“I wanted to share the news with everyone,” Perez announced on his official Twitter account for the Mexican League Toros de Tijuana that he would retire for the rest of the season. “With my parents, siblings, wife and children, I have decided that this will be my last season to play baseball. I have already reported to the team and sincerely congratulated them. Thank you very much for your support this year. Let’s have a great year, “he sent a message to his fans.

Perez’s career peaked in 2004, when he was in the Pirates era, with 12 wins and 10 losses, an ERA of 2.98, and 239 strikeouts. Perez at that time was only 23 years old. However, his activity did not last long, and he transferred to Mets by trading in July 2006. He won his most 15 wins in 2007 and 10 wins in 2008, which is a double-digit win for the second consecutive year, but he couldn’t play an active part after re-contracting with Mets as a free agent. I was fired in the month.

Perez was considering his retirement, but was persuaded by his family that he was 29 years old and had time, and decided to continue working. He made a successful turnaround in the 2011 off-winter league and made a major comeback as a relief pitcher at the Mariners in 2012. He has pitched in more than 50 games for seven consecutive years since 2013, playing a part of the bullpen in multiple teams, and pitched in 21 games in 2020 (shortened season) when the new rules of the three batter minimum were introduced. Marked an ERA of 2.00. This year was the 18th year of the majors, which is a new record for players from Mexico, and in 2021 he pitched in five games and extended the record until 2019.

His total record has been pitched in 696 games (including 195 starting pitchers) in 19 major years, throwing 2/3 in 1461 times, 73 wins, 93 losses, 5 saves, 105 holds, and 1545 strikeouts.