MLB Voting Fan Voting has begun! DH division, Otani Shohei’s opponent

The first phase of the All-Star Game fan voting replica mlb jerseys china has begun. The player with the most votes in the league will be selected for the All-Star Game, and the top two players at each position (six outfielders) will advance to Stage 2 as finalists. Among the Japanese players, Shohei Otani (Angels) was nominated in the American League Designated Hitter category, Seiya Suzuki (Cubs) was nominated in the National League Outfielder category, and Michitsu Tsutsuka (Pirates) was nominated in the National League First Baseman category. . Here, I would like to introduce members of the American League’s designated hitter division, which is Otani’s competitor.

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Otani’s popularity is undeniable, but the most promising candidate is Yodan Alvarez (Astros), who is second in majors with 17 home runs. , and has a good record of operation and maintenance 1.011. J.D. Martinez (Red Sox) is second in the majors with a .359 batting average and is expected to get a lot of votes because he belongs to a popular team. Luckily for Otani, Giancarlo Stanton (Yankees) was nominated in the outfielder category instead of the designated hitter category, but it’s still not easy to stay in the two finalists.

The results of the 15 players nominated in the AL designated hitter category (as of June 8, Japan time) are as follows.

Tremancini (Orioles)
53 games batting average .303 6 homers 24 RBIs 0 stolen base OPS .822

J.D. Martinez (Red Sox)
46 games batting average 0.359 5 homers 23 RBIs 0 stolen base OPS.974

Josh Donaldson (Yankees)
41 games batting average .228 5 homers 17 RBIs 0 stolen base OPS .730

Harold Ramirez (Rays)
44-game batting average .285 2 homers 16 RBIs 2 stolen OPS.698

Danny Jensen (Blue Jays)
19-game batting average .232 7 homers 13 RBIs 0 stolen base OPS .915

Andrew Vaughn (White Sox)
37 games batting average .291 6 homers 23 RBI 0 stolen base OPS .825

Franmere Reyes (Guardian)
35-game batting average .195 3 homers 12 RBIs 0 stolen base OPS.533

Miguel Cabrera (Tigers)
47 games batting average 0.298 3 homers 19 RBIs 0 stolen base OPS.728

MJ Melendez (Royal)
30 games batting average .257 4 home runs 9 RBIs 0 stolen bases OPS.766

Kyle Garrick (twin)
28 games batting average 0.250 6 home runs 14 RBIs 0 stolen base OPS.890

Youdan Alvarez (Astros)
50-game batting average 0.289 17 homers 36 RBIs 0 stolen bases OPS1.011

Shohei Otani (Angel)
56 games batting average 0.242 11 homers 32 RBIs 7 stolen OPS.770

Jed Lowry (Athletics)
39 games batting average of 0.214, 3 home runs, 16 RBIs, 1 stolen base, OPS.599

Kyle Lewis (Sailor)
4-game batting average .267 2 homers 3 RBI 0 stolen bases OPS.979

Mitch Garver (Wanderers)
38-game batting average .212 7 home runs 16 RBIs 1 stolen base OPS .699