MLB Mets Scherzer leaves the front for 6-8 weeks

MLB Mets Scherzer leaves the front for 6-8 weeks. Last time he pitched, he hurt his left flank.

It’s a big blow to the Mets, who run fast in the eastern part of the National League. Max Scherzer, a pillar of the starting pitchers, was diagnosed with a pain in his left flank and had to leave the line for about 6-8 weeks. Wholesale Mlb Baseball Jerseys Scherzer scored his fifth win in the league, the most in the league, against the Cardinals on the 18th of this month, but he was hurt while pitching and dropped out in the middle of the sixth inning. His failure level is reported to be “medium to high” and his return is expected to be early July at the earliest.

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The right arm who won the Cy Young Award three times is a new member with a contract of 130 million dollars for three years before the season. This season’s annual salary of about $ 43.33 million is the highest ever, and he has continued to play an active role since the first year of the new world. Also, Jacob DeGrom, who forms the double sign, has not pitched this season due to inflammation of his right shoulder blade. The total annual salary of the two Cy Young Award pitchers this season is about $ 78.80 million.

Furthermore, the other day, Tylor Megill just entered the disabled list due to the tension of the upper right biceps from the starting rotation. Fortunately, the other four teams in the area are all fighting with a winning percentage of less than 50%. Chris Bassitt, the starting pitcher, admits that the situation is tough, but insists on “the thickness of the layer that can withstand it.” Will the team with the highest winning percentage in the majors survive this emergency?