Mariners jersey’s promising right arm Kirby’s major debut tomorrow is decided!

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The Mariners have announced that they plan to promote George Kirby, a promising right-hand man, to fill one of the starting rotations vacated by Matt Brash’s minor demotion. Kirby is scheduled to make his major debut as a starting pitcher in the raise match on May 9, Japan time. The Mariners were paying attention to who would join the starting rotation instead of Blush, but Kirby was removed from the starting lineup of the AA class match on May 8th, Japan time, and the possibility of major promotion has been raised. rice field.

Kirby, now 24 years old, joined the Mariners by nominating the first round of the 2019 draft (20th overall). In the prospect ranking of “MLB Pipeline”, he is ranked 3rd in the team and 30th overall, and this season he pitched 2/3 24 times in advance of 5 games in AA class, 2 wins and 0 losses, ERA. He has a good record of 1.82 and 32 strikeouts. Although he has not played in the AAA class yet, due to the team situation that there is a shortage of starting pitchers, he has been promoted to major in the skipping class.

“As spring training progressed, he grew a lot. I talked to him today. I’m going to be nervous, but in the end I have to believe in my abilities,” said Scott Servais. I told you. ” “I’m not going to throw 8 innings. I want you to make a match even if it gets a little rough at the start. I want you to attack the strike zone and take chances,” he said with expectations for the promising stock right arm.

Kirby’s ball speed has increased since he entered the pros, and the speed, which was initially in the low 90s range, is now stable at 96-98 miles, sometimes measuring 100 miles. In addition to this fastball, he has a stable ball control ability, and the slider, curve, and change-up ball types are also evaluated as above average. He is expected to grow into an ace pitcher in the future, but first of all, I would like to pay attention to pitching in the debut game.

Blush, whose minor demotion has been decided, is expected to be adjusted as a reliever.