Labor-management negotiations are scheduled to resume on January 13th.

According to MLB official website Mark Feinsand, the Major League Baseball Organization and the Major League Baseball Players Association will resume labor-management negotiations to conclude a new labor-management agreement on January 13, local time (January 14, Japan time). .. In this remote discussion using ZOOM, the Organization will make new proposals to the players’ association, including major economic issues and measures to balance forces. This is the first time that major issues have been discussed after the lockout rushed on December 2nd (December 3rd) local time.

The discussions before the expiration of the old labor-management agreement ended unsuccessfully, and the Major League Baseball Organization chose to enter a lockout including a freeze on the transfer market. In the weeks that followed, the two sides set up several discussions, but discussions on key issues were postponed and no negotiations progressed. On December 1, local time (December 2, the same day), just before the expiration of the old labor-management agreement, the players’ association rejected the proposal presented by the Organization. The lockout began a few hours later, and it seems that the Organization has been preparing for new proposals for a negotiation agreement since then.

The main agenda items are the introduction of a draft lottery system to curb excessive tanking, the abolition of the qualifying offer system, the introduction of universal DH (designated hitter system in both leagues), and as part of improving the treatment of young players. The minimum guaranteed annual salary has been raised. The players’ association is seeking more substantial profits such as shortening the period until qualifying for FA and annual salary arbitration and reforming profit sharing, and it is expected that it will be extremely difficult to conclude a new labor-management agreement. It seems that the point is how far both sides will make concessions and compromise.

The open game between major baseball teams is scheduled to start on February 26, local time (February 27), and labor-management negotiations must be reached by at least the first half of February in order to start the open game as scheduled. It is believed that there is. Some say, “The deadline for the season to start on schedule is March 1st,” but will the 2022 season be able to start safely?

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