Former director Silt of Cardinals dismissal joins the commissioner secretariat?

According to USA Today reporter Bob Nightingale, Mike Shildt, who has been dismissed from the Cardinals coach due to a different mindset from the front office, is expected to get a job at the Commissioner’s office. Currently, the Commissioner’s Secretariat is in charge of the on-field operations division by Michael Hill, senior vice president of the Miami Marlins organization, but Silt will be given a position under Hill. Since 2003, the Cardinals silt is likely to leave the Cardinals for the first time in a while.

Currently 53-year-old Silt was playing baseball as a player until college, but he gave up on becoming a professional and became a coach because he couldn’t hit the curve (personal talk). He joined the Cardinals baseball team as a scout for his achievements as a leader in high school and college baseball. He has since served as a minor coach and coach, and has been promoted to a major coach since 2017. He became a bench coach from 2018, and when Mike Matheny (currently Royals coach) was dismissed in the middle of the year, he took command of the team as a provisional coach, and was officially appointed as a coach after being evaluated for his skill.

In 2019, he led the team to the district championship for the first time in three years and advanced to the postseason, and won the best manager award for the first time in history as a manager who has no experience as a professional baseball player. In 2020, he overcame the outbreak of the new coronavirus cluster and advanced to the postseason for the second consecutive year. He was highly trusted by the players and was listed as a new Padres coach candidate after being dismissed from the Cardinals, but instead of continuing his coaching career at another team, he decided to join the Commissioner’s Secretariat. It seems that it has become.

The transfer information site “MLB Trade Roomers” pointed out that “Silt is still 53 years old, and if he wants to work as a director or coach, he has plenty of time to return to the dugout.” First of all, I would like to pay attention to how the skills cultivated in Cardinals can be utilized in the on-field operations department of the Commissioner Secretariat.

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