Angels Fletcher to long-term withdrawal Surgery to repair left and right adductor muscles

los angeles angels jersey head athletic trainer Mike Fletcher has revealed that David Fletcher is expected to leave the battlefield for several months after undergoing surgery to repair the left and right adductor muscles. Fletcher was on his second disabled list this season with a pain in his left buttock, and after a close examination, it was decided that surgery was necessary. According to Frostad, Fletcher isn’t in despair this season and is expected to return later this season.

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Fletcher, now 27 years old, has a long-term contract with the los angeles angels jersey cheap for $ 26 million for 5 years + 2 years for the team option, and this season will be the second year of the 5-year contract. He started from the second base until last season with a batting average, but he has played in 14 games so far with a batting average of .158, 0 home runs, 2 RBIs, and OPS.483. After returning from his first disabled list, he was more likely to play as a second baseman due to his defensive burden. According to Frostad, his adductor muscle condition also had a negative effect on his buttocks.

With Fletcher’s long-term withdrawal, the Angels are expected to continue the duo of second base Tyler Wade and Andrew Velazquez. Although he is still dissatisfied with the batter, Bellasukes, who has been defending well, has become an indispensable force for the team and will continue to be appointed in a form close to regular. Second base is expected to be given to Jack Mayfield and Luis Rengoo in addition to Wade.

Although Anthony Rendon’s condition does not improve, the attack power of the lower hitting line is not so problematic in the current Angels because the upper hitting line formed by Taylor Ward, Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, Jared Walsh and others is functioning. It has not been. In such a team situation, Velasquez, who has outstanding defensive power, may be said to be a perfect match for the Angels shortstop.